Format GBA
Publisher Graphic-State Games / BAM!
Genre Shoot 'em Up
Released 2001

Star-X is an on-rails shoot 'em up for the GBA. I took the lead on this project for Graphic-State Games, working with coder Cliff Davies.
There was a 4 player link option in the game which was very cool, but it got dropped at the last minute because Bam! didn't want to 'waste' another week bug-fixing.
The environment objects, enemies and player ship models are all low-poly gourad shaded 3D meshes created in Lightwave. The ground is a looped sprite sequence created using Bryce3D. It looks bloody good on the GBA.


Sorry about the small screen shots, I am looking for better ones.

These are some grabs from Lightwave of the end of stage bosses

And some sketches of the boss cameos for the pop-up dialogue boxes

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