Bowling Bonanza 3DS

Format Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Enjoy Gaming
Genre 10 pin bowling
Released 2012

I completely forgot about this game until just now when I found it lurking at the back of my cupboard! I think this was the first 3DS game we worked on? ... I'm not 100% sure, it was a long time ago. Anyway, the 3D camera system is fooooooked up good and proper! I have no idea how it got through Nintendo QC. It should be called migraine simulator 3D. But, dodgy 3D aside, its not a terrible bowling game. It uses the same engine (and cut down graphics) from iWare Designs orginal MyBowling3D. I think I created the extra environments for this game originally, but then re-used the basic designs again in a later update of MyBowling 3D because I'm a terrible lazy artist.


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