Mighty Empires Force Roster

Format PC, OS X
Language Unity 3D
Written 2015
Genre Utility

During one of our games weekends, my brother and I decided to spend the evening playing the classic Games Workshop game Mighty Empires. Neither of us had played it for maybe ten or fifteen years but we soon got back into the swing of it. Afterwards I thought about writing an app to keep track of all my banners and baggage etc (those baggage counters are fiddley buggers to pick up at 3 in the morning when motor skills are significantly degraded!).

So, I cobbled this together in Unity. It's a very basic program that keeps track of banner points and baggage. You can easily add or subtract points from banners when you lose a battle and easily see when your army is about to starve to death because most of your kingdom turns out to be barren wasteland.


For those kids who have no idea what Mighty Empires is, there are some photos below. This is actually two sets combined. It took us an hour or so to assemble the board from all those hexes (and there was ONE single edge piece that we just couldn't make join up). Back in the day we used to have an old glass door from a stereo cabinet that we'd lay over the top to stop the tiles from getting messed up. Now we are just more careful!
Once the board is built you place your capital city and roll on a table to see what villages, fortresses or cities surround your capital. I am the Red army and as you can see from photo two, most of my lands turned out to be barren. Which was great. My brother's realm in Yellow had more cities and villages than he knew what to do with.
Because my realm was mostly garbage, I pushed agressively into the board and swallowed up a lot of independant cities. Then we clashed in the middle of the land at about 2am. By 4am it was clear that I had lost the ability to do maths and/or move plastic counters, so we called it a day.

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