The Spooky Maze Game / The Snowy Maze Game

Format PC
Language Director MX
Written 2002/3
Genre Maze

I love maze games. No idea why...I just do. The Spooky Maze was an idea I had based on a very old PC game called "Rogue" where the walls of the maze wouldn't appear until you bumped into them.
In Spooky Maze your character can only see a short distance, lit by her lantern. You can see the enemies, you can see the treasure, but you need to feel your way around the maze and remember the layout as you go.

The Snowy Maze is a variation where the world is covered in a blanket of crisp white snow. Your character leaves footprints as she walks the maze, so you can see where you have been. But the snow will soon cover over your tracks so you've got to move fast.

I still love these two games.


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