Dungeon Cards

Format PC, OS X
Language Unity 3D
Written 2013
Genre Card Game

Dungeon Cards was originally developed as a physical card and dice game (photo below), designed and created by me over a few months at the end of 2012. This Unity version follows the same basic 'push your luck' mechanics and random dice rolls. Some elements from the original have been dropped because of lack of programming talent, but it is still pretty good fun to play.

The basic gameplay mechanics are similar to Black Jack, with a 'bust' number each player must keep under. The aim is to search the Catacombs by flipping over cards, and dealing with the consequences. You choose when to quit and when to push your luck. The game lasts for 10 rounds and the winner is the one with the most gold at the end.

The physical version of Dungeon Cards now has its own website: www.dungeoncards.co.uk with further links to The Game Crafter website where you can buy a copy.


Music by DeceasedSuperiorTechnician

The original Dungeon Cards prototype:

The new Dungeon Cards boxed game from The Game Crafter:

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