Dungeon Ball

Format PC, OS X
Language Unity 3D
Written 2012
Genre Maze

In Dungeon Ball you play as an intrepid hero who must conquer the catacombs, slay monsters and collect gold. The only problem is that all monsters and players are spheres. And you get around the maze by tilting it.
I really love this game. It is so simple and yet infuriating. Since you control the ultimate movement of all the spheres in the maze with your tilting, its your fault if the treasure drops down a pit while you're trying to navigate a tricky bridge half a level away.
In this demo, there are two types of monster, pit traps, switches and a huge boss. The boss is too big to tackle head on but if you can activate all four switches and open the pit trap under him, you might just stand a chance.


Music by DeceasedSuperiorTechnician

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