Format PC
Language Blitz 3D
Written 2011
Genre Platform

Hellbound is a tale of lost love and revenge.
Lyria and Freya, a demon and an angel, are living happily together in a castle in hell. Freya's parents have enlisted the dubious help of Lord Craven Blackheart to get their daughter back. While Lyria is out, Blackheart kidnaps Freya and so the game starts. Blackheart has left a trail of mindless Yokels and traps to slow Lyria down, but nothing can stand in her way.
And after all that, what you get is a fairly standard platform game. Lots of blood though. And a happy ending.
One slightly interesting thing about this game is that being a demon, Lyria can't really die. When she gets hit, her soul shatters and you then assume control of her bat familliar and must collect the shards of soul to regenerate.


(sorry about the quality of the in-game capture...my PC struggles to capture at 1080p)

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