Spooky Maze UDK

Format PC
Language UDK
Written 2010
Genre Maze

I was trying to figure out how to use the Unreal Development Kit and needed a project, so I decided to remake The Spooky Maze in 3D.
The basics of the game are the same: You must navigate the maze, but you can only see as far as your lantern light (and brief flashes of lightning) will allow. This time you are trying to find magical objects that are hidden in tombs. There are three main areas to search for the tombs: the graveyard (complete with eyeball tree), the catacombs (with giant spider webs) and the deserted tower (filled with skeletons and traps).
I quite liked using UDK. It was pretty quick to get something up and running, and the Kismet system of hooking up triggers and animations is amazing. I couldn't get to grips with the character rigging though ... as soon as I had to drop back to Unreal Script I was lost. So ultimately I gave up on UDK.


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