Amazing Nurse Kinoko

Format PC
Language Blitz 3D
Written 2008
Genre Puzzle

Amazing Nurse Kinoko is based on Nintendo's Dr Mario game, which itself is a kind of Tetris/Columns clone. Nurse Kinoko has arrived in town to find its inhabitants are all suffering from a mystery illness. She can find the cure by trying combinations of pills to zap the evil bugs.
The game is split into two sections. The Town section is a free roaming 3D area where you can see who is ill and how severe their illness by an icon above their house.
If you enter an ill persons house then you swap to the Tetris style game. Pills made of two coloured halves drop from the top of the screen and you must stack them on the game board to make lines of similar colours including the bugs. The bugs multiply over time and fill the game grid, there is a patient temperature guage on the screen to tell you how close to passing out your patient is.
Quite a neat little game I think.


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