Kinoko - Bubble

Directed by Jamie Woodhead
Written by Jamie Woodhead
Animated by Jamie Woodhead
Modeling / Texturing Jamie Woodhead
Date 1999
Genre Short Film

Kinoko - Bubble is a short film I made at college alongside the Robot Heart film. I wanted to make something that was more my kind of style. I had been messing around with camera mattes using some amazing backgrounds produced by Studio Ghibi and decided that it would save me a lot of time if I could skip environment building and just use live-action footage.
I borrowed a video camera from college over the winter break and shot a lot of footage of the backgarden of my girlfriends house in devon. This all turned out to be useless. But lucky for me, I had taken a few hasty snaps with my stills camera and when scanned (no digital cameras in them dark old days) they worked perfectly as backgrounds.
For the true anime experience it needed a Japanese dub and English subtitles. The Japanese translation and voice-over was very kindly provided by a friend of my girlfriend who was studying down the road in Cardiff.
Kinoko - Bubble won 'best second year film' at our college end of year awards.

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